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    Hello! We are Design for Social Change (D4SC), a company that applies data and human action to transform cities.
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    We believe the path to smarter cities cannot be paved with technology alone. It requires human action.
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    We also think it should be fun.

If you listen carefully,

a city will tell you everything you need to know.

When it comes to transforming cities, what better source of information could there be than the people who walk its streets, jog through its parks, send parcels from its post offices, ride its buses, and spend money at its local shops?

D4SC develops technologies that put the power of real-time, collaborative intelligence gathering in the hands of members of the community, and allows them to start the conversation.

And because D4SC designs products and services that integrate into a city’s touch points, the feedback process is totally unobtrusive.

We respect people's privacy to their data. We believe in a new kind of social engagement contract where people can actively opt in should they chose to, as they go about their day – say, visiting a hospital or using the transport network – and participate in solving urban challenges by sharing their active data (photos, comments, location, etc.) to help prioritise what needs to be improved in the city infrastructure in real time.

Thus the conversation is happening by aggregating data from multiple sources, getting people to prioritise what’s important, and completing the feedback loop between the city, the community and local businesses and services.

It’s this unique combination of enabling social conversations with local neighbourhood residents, city dwellers, service providers, sensors, city authorities and all people who use everyday city services in real time.

What I love about Changify is that D4SC really understand how engagement works both online and offline, and how the online engagement relates to the real world. And that’s really very exciting. That’s because they understand that its not about technology - But the process that the technology enables. Its about behaviours that enable people to work together to collaborate to make the places, they live, work and travel... better places.

- Rick Robinson, Amey -


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Changify Smarter Streets

Our Smarter Streets Project in Plymouth is starting now!

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Each of our clients is unique, and they all have their own unique set of needs and goals.

TThe following case studies represent some examples of how D4SC collaborated with them to help them achieve their ambitions

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  • D4SC helps people create smarter cities, using technology to create a ‘citizen-centric’ approach to urban design.

    - TechCity Insider100 -
  • According to Priya Prakash and London-based Changify, the best place to start changing the world is your own neighborhood.

    - IBM - People4SmarterCities -
  • You cannot create impact just by complaining online or offline - you need to be proactive to change cities - says Priya Prakash, Founder D4SC.

    - BBC World -

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